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Cayo Highlands

Cayo Highalnds refers to the Cayo District of Belize. This district is the biggest in size when compared to the others. It is a hilly region, hence the name we have given “Cayo Highlands.” The twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena is in this district and is separated by three bridges. As seen on the map Cayo is bordered by Guatemala. Tikal, a major Maya Temple is just a couple of hours away

About Us

As Belizeans, Jorge and I (Mariel) have travelled all over Belize, stayed at different lodges and resorts, camped out in the jungle and on the beach, saw different species of animals, taste and ate from different restaurants, met people from all over, local and visitors. We had always had the dream of opening our own travel agency and tour operator, until one day I(Mariel) decided to stop working and embark on this journey.


For those that are up for an adventure that entails hiking and spelunking this cave is perfect for you. Che Chem Ha Cave is a dry cave that is one quarter of a mile long. As you journey into Xibalba, this cave is a treasure box filled with a unique collection of Mayan artwork and artifacts.