Cayo Highlands

Cayo Highalnds refers to the Cayo District of Belize. This district is the biggest in size when compared to the others. It is a hilly region, hence the name we have given “Cayo Highlands.” The twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena is in this district and is separated by three bridges. As seen on the map Cayo is bordered by Guatemala. Tikal, a major Maya Temple is just a couple of hours away.

The lodges, resorts, camping areas we have listed in our DESTINATION section are all unique in their own ways. Ranging from upscale luxury, to the simple life of camping outdoors. Most destinations are eco-friendly and are either tucked away in the jungle or close to the center of downtown San Ignacio. The activities as listed in our TOUR section, ranges from up high on top of Maya Temples (Maya Marvels), to spelunking in Maya Underworlds.

Either way, you will get to enjoy every minute of your stay and experience the jewel in wonderful, magical, delicious and adventurous ways.