Southern Highlights

Southern Highlights refers to the southern part of the country. As seen on the map it is made up of the Stann Creek and Toledo District (some cayes/islands may be included). Two major highways make up this iconic part of our country, The Hummingbird Highway and the Southern Highway. The Hummingbird Highway is famous for the notorious Sleeping Giant, which is a chain of mountains that makes the image of a giant that is sleeping. On both highways there are many off the road stops that you can make, either to stop and eat Ms. Berta’s famous tamales or to simply enjoy the view.

Our Southern Highlights destinations that we have chosen are all in close proximity to the Caribbean Sea. Here, you will get to do a variety of water activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing ect. You will also get to taste and experience the culture of the Garinagu people. As you dance to the drumming of punta rock, you will be amazed at how much culture is still vibrant in these parts.